( Toungoo Diocese )
The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Anglican)

Brief History of Toungoo Diocese


Brief history of Diocese:

     Inaugurated on January 1, 1994, 24 parishes, 110 villages & a few towns, about 20000 baptized members, 36 priests & 6 deacons, 13 diocesan office staff, 25 workers, 86 community health workers, 65 traditional birth attendants, 102 catechists. A priest has to look after more than 5 to 10 villages in a parish; some villages cannot be accessed since 1996 because of the present situation because of the conflict. The diocese is doing programs for people such as social welfare, health programmes, and education for children from remote areas etc. There is a need for peace.

Style and patterns of church life and ministry in the diocese

            6 departments, Men’s Association, Mothers’ Union, Anglican Young People’s Association, Christian Education, Mission & Evangelism (Development Desk) & Communication have their regular annual meetings, trainings, workshops, seminars and other activities. Diocese is running pre-schools for children ages 3 to 5, helping children from remote areas for education through boarding hostels, running clinic and giving treatment & health education through medical mobile team, running integrated farming training for community, Dorcas’ sewing training for women & teaching English language for young people in the community, providing materials and technical assistance of water supply and sanitation for villages, helping  villages  through development projects, training church workers through St. Peter’s Bible School & leadership promotion program.



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History of the Church of the Province of Myanmar

Brief History of the Church of the Province of Myanmar(Anglican)
The Anglican Church was established in today's Myanmar by British army chaplains on the west coast around 1825. It was only in 1853 that the first missionaries arrived. The diocese of Calcutta had pastoral and administrative oversight over the church in Burma. In 1877 the diocese of Rangoon was inaugurated. After World War II, no foreign missions which were not already operating in the country before the war were allowed to enter. The last missionaries were asked to leave the country in 1966. The early emphasis on a trained leadership, lay and ordained, as well as on an educated laity in general has proved an invaluable asset to the church. The Province of Burma was formed in 1970 with four dioceses; there are now six.The church is not involved in social work as this field of action is totally taken over by the government. In times of catastrophes affecting the country the church provides relief aid. The primary concerns of the church are evangelism, the training of clergy evangelists and the improvement of teaching programmes. The Church of the Province of Myanmar is actively involved with other member churches in the Myanmar Council of Churches.In 1966 all foreign missionaries were forced to leave the country. Today there are at least 70,000 Anglicans in an estimated population of 58 million in Myanmar.

The polity of the Church of the Province of Myanmar is episcopacy (church governance with the three-fold ministry), the same as other Anglican churches. The church maintains a system of geographical parishes organized into dioceses (there are six of these, each headed by a bishop and assistant bishop).
�    (Bishop Stylo) *Hpa-an
�    (Bishop Noel Nay Lin) *Mandalay
�    (Bishop David Than Lwin) *Mytikyina
�    (Bishop James Min Din)*Sittwe
�    (Bishop John Willme) *Toungoo
�    (Archbishop Stephen Than Myint Oo) *Yangon

Church of the Province of Myanmar (Anglican)
�    1970-1973 Archbishop Francis Ah Mya (first Archbishop of Church of the Province of Myanmar)
�    1973-1979 Archbishop John Aung Hla (second Archbishop of Church of the Province of Myanmar)
�    1979-1987 Archbishop Gregory Hla Kyaw from Hpa-an Diocese (the third Archbishop of The Church of the Province of Myanmar)
�    1988-2011 Rev. Andrew Mya Han from Yangon Diocese (the fourth Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Myanmar)
�    2001-2008 Bishop Samuel San Si Htay from Yangon Diocese (the fifth Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Myanmar.)
�    2008  -  Present Bishop Stephen Than Myint Oo from Diocese of Hpa-an (the sixth Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Myanmar).

Departments for ministry and mission. There are mainly four departments for ministry and mission under the province,diocese and parish administration.
�    Mothers' Union (MU)
�    Men's Association (MA)
�    Anglican Young People's Association (AYPA)
�    Religious Education and Music Department (REM)

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